Giving Back to the Community

Tower Contracting has long been a supporter of multiple causes in our local communities, donating time, energy and financial assistance to help those in need, and to help build a stronger community. These programs represent the main focal points but are not the entire list of causes that Tower supports.

South Suburbia Crisis Center

South Suburbia Crisis Center offers food and shelter to up to 30 different families recovering from domestic violence. There are a number of volunteers that staff this shelter on an ongoing basis to help these families with the basics of life, and help them get back on their feet after getting out of an abusive situation.

Staff members of Tower Contracting have donated their time and taken on some of the major planning for the shelter’s main fundraiser, a gala that takes place every February. The money goes towards costs of running the shelter.

Mentoring Local Workers

Tower has an ongoing mentorship program with new and/or young craftsmen and craftswomen in the local area. We work with these people on a consistent and ongoing basis to help them improve their skills, so they can deliver work that is consistently up to our standards. This helps the local economy by giving our communities more skilled workers, it helps us by increasing our pool of workers and subcontractors in the area, and helps many of these people create a solid and consistent source of income.

We use extremely experienced onsite supervisors that will guide and mentor these workers to improve their skills and understanding of projects. This program has surpassed our expectations in providing an improved quality of work, development of workers within a positive environment, and a better end result for the owner.

Minority, Womens' & Disadvantaged Enterprises

image4Tower Contracting has set goals to use minority, women’s & disadvantaged owned businesses as much as possible, even surpassing milestones for engaging these businesses on many of our projects.

Tower has hosted job fairs, and proactively reaches out to WBE/MBE/DBE companies in the local community to make sure they are aware of projects being constructed within their neighborhoods.

Once these businesses are contracted, Tower’s senior management team frequently meets with these businesses to ensure proper service and execution throughout. Our goal is to help these business owners identify anticipated monthly costs, establish financial strength and improve planning skills required for a smooth and timely project delivery.



“Tower Contracting, LLC is a valued client of Assurance Agency, Ltd. Bonds for Tower Contracting, LLC are written through Great American Insurance Company, located at 301 E. 4th. St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 which is rated A (Excellent), Class XIII by A.M. Best and is listed in the Federal Register.”

“Great American Insurance Company has been providing Surety support to Tower Contracting, LLC since 2011. Tower Contracting, LLC has been absent of claims on bid, performance and payment bonds that have been executed on behalf of Great American Insurance Company in the past several years. Great American Insurance Company has the utmost confidence in the management of Tower Contracting, LLC and its financial strength to support endeavors”

Joseph Halleran
Assurance Agency, Ltd.

“Over the last 10 years, we have the opportunity to work with several general contractors from the Chicago area. All too often, this has proven to be a challenging experience. Our construction experience with Tower Contracting, LLC, at Roseland Hospital has been most satisfying. From the quality of their workmanship, to their attention to detail, and their ability to meet extraordinary deadlines, Tower Contracting, LLC has met or exceeded our expectations. A very important highlight about Tower is their ability to work with local minority businesses and residents through their established community outreach program which was very important to RCH and of course to our surrounding residents. We here at Roseland Community Hospital highly recommend Tower Contracting, LLC.”

Earmon Irons
Chief Executive Officer

“The Quality of your work and your customer service is among the best that we have worked with, and the personal pride that you have definitely shows in your work! “

Michael E. Hastings
Member, Board of Education
CHSD #230

“We wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Tower Contracting for the professionalism and excellence that we have experienced working with you. Everyone has been complimentary about the construction projects that you have completed at the library.”

“It is a privilege to have such a quality company that we can call on right here in the City of Markham. We have experienced that your projects are done cost-effectively and in a timely manner. We are very appreciative to your Team for their diligence and hard work on our behalf.”

Xavier Menzies
Library Director

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for the outstanding job Tower Contracting, LLC performed on the construction of the Glenwoodie Club House and Banquet Facility. We were impressed from the very beginning with the ability of the design team to transfer our vision to paper and complete the project.”

“During these difficult economic times we also appreciated that Tower was very receptive to using locally owned and operated businesses for a significant portion of the work.”

“If the opportunity arises to recommend your firm, please feel free to have any potential clients call on my office to either provide walking tours or speak on your behalf.”

Mayor Kerry Durkin
Village of Glenwood