When you partner with us, you’ll be working with a company that has the experience and dedication to handle even the most demanding and intricate projects. Tower Contracting has proven itself time and again as a company that delivers on-time and within budget, regardless of the challenges.We have completed a wide variety of projects in a range of price parameters, from as small as $10,000 to as large as $60 million.

Our Track Record Precedes UsOur Track Record Precedes Us

We have a high percentage of repeat customers as well as new clients who find us through word of mouth from satisfied current or past customers. We use value engineering on each project to deliver superior results within our customer’s budget, and focus on delivering every project on time.

Our success has been consistently attributed to the following principles. We work relentlessly to cultivate and maintain them in our approach to doing business.

con4Expertise in Every Facet of Your Project

Tower Contracting has experts that consult, design, construct and manage our projects. From the overall vision to the smallest detail, we have the expertise to handle the most challenging aspects of any project. We take the time to understand the critical points that spell success for your project and your company. Best of all, with all of our resources under one company, we can take your project from design and strategic planning to buildout and post construction, or any single aspect of the process.

con2Depth of Experience

With over 125 years of combined experience and industry knowledge among our staff members, we have a deep well of skills and expertise. Our projects have covered a wide spectrum of industries, from municipal to retail, schools and medical facilities, and commercial buildings to hospitality. This experience results in more accurate and efficient solutions and processes, as well as utilizing our past successes to help you succeed.

safetyandhealthySafety & Health

We take the safety and health of our workforce very seriously, and are vigilant about accomplishing our work in the safest manner possible. We continuously train our managers and tradesmen and tradeswomen in the best safety practices to accomplish your project with the highest quality within a safe work environment.

Technical Capabilities

Precision and technical knowledge are crucial to design and construction success, and our staff is highly trained, with substantial experience in the skill sets needed to deliver your project with the excellence that Tower Contracting customers have come to expect.

Community-DBECommunity / DBE Participation

We see our work as a partnership with you and the surrounding community. We have established strong relationships within the communities where we work to ensure that projects are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

DSC_6952_Ryan_FrankConsistent Communication

Communication is key to every great relationship and for the long term success of a team or group. We make it a priority to keep you consistently up to date on our progress as we complete your project.

We strive to set ourselves apart from the competition by using innovation, creativity and a focus on excellence throughout the entire construction process. Our unique skill set and experience offers you a full spectrum of services of consulting, design, construction and project management throughout each piece of the process.

For more information or to request a complimentary consultation with Tower Contracting, please contact us at 708-333-0903.



“Tower Contracting, LLC is a valued client of Assurance Agency, Ltd. Bonds for Tower Contracting, LLC are written through Great American Insurance Company, located at 301 E. 4th. St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 which is rated A (Excellent), Class XIII by A.M. Best and is listed in the Federal Register.”

“Great American Insurance Company has been providing Surety support to Tower Contracting, LLC since 2011. Tower Contracting, LLC has been absent of claims on bid, performance and payment bonds that have been executed on behalf of Great American Insurance Company in the past several years. Great American Insurance Company has the utmost confidence in the management of Tower Contracting, LLC and its financial strength to support endeavors”

Joseph Halleran
Assurance Agency, Ltd.

“Over the last 10 years, we have the opportunity to work with several general contractors from the Chicago area. All too often, this has proven to be a challenging experience. Our construction experience with Tower Contracting, LLC, at Roseland Hospital has been most satisfying. From the quality of their workmanship, to their attention to detail, and their ability to meet extraordinary deadlines, Tower Contracting, LLC has met or exceeded our expectations. A very important highlight about Tower is their ability to work with local minority businesses and residents through their established community outreach program which was very important to RCH and of course to our surrounding residents. We here at Roseland Community Hospital highly recommend Tower Contracting, LLC.”

Earmon Irons
Chief Executive Officer

“The Quality of your work and your customer service is among the best that we have worked with, and the personal pride that you have definitely shows in your work! “

Michael E. Hastings
Member, Board of Education
CHSD #230

“We wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Tower Contracting for the professionalism and excellence that we have experienced working with you. Everyone has been complimentary about the construction projects that you have completed at the library.”

“It is a privilege to have such a quality company that we can call on right here in the City of Markham. We have experienced that your projects are done cost-effectively and in a timely manner. We are very appreciative to your Team for their diligence and hard work on our behalf.”

Xavier Menzies
Library Director

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for the outstanding job Tower Contracting, LLC performed on the construction of the Glenwoodie Club House and Banquet Facility. We were impressed from the very beginning with the ability of the design team to transfer our vision to paper and complete the project.”

“During these difficult economic times we also appreciated that Tower was very receptive to using locally owned and operated businesses for a significant portion of the work.”

“If the opportunity arises to recommend your firm, please feel free to have any potential clients call on my office to either provide walking tours or speak on your behalf.”

Mayor Kerry Durkin
Village of Glenwood