Construction Services

Tower Contracting provides high-quality construction services throughout the South Chicagoland area. With more than nine years in business, Tower Contracting has the skills, knowledge, and ability to complete your building renovation or new construction project.

What Makes Us Different

At Tower Contracting, we believe in a partnered approach to construction.
For every project, our contractors and subcontractors meet several times with the owner, architect or contact to discuss the whole project scope and develop a comfortable working relationship. We believe that this unified organization allows all of these parties to participate in each phase of construction, improving the project flow and resolving any challenges quickly.

By developing an alliance among key stakeholders in the project, we are able to resolve any issue in the best manner possible. Our approach also reduces delays and stress associated with the construction cycle.

We are committed to ensuring that our projects are completed on time, on budget, and with excellence in every area of the project.

Our Work Experience

We have experience with a wide spectrum of commercial construction including renovation, remodeling, new construction, and emergency repair. Our network of trusted subcontractors allows us to find the right people for every project and help deliver projects with the excellence that is our trademark.

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We are local people focused on developing new projects and building our community. We are engineers, researchers, communicators and construction specialists. We are also parents, brothers, sisters, community leaders, volunteers, and more. We have a lot in common with the people we serve, and we come together every day to build and contribute to the cities and towns around us.